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SMART IPTV is the best application to run IPTV (Internet Protocol television) for TVs Samsung, LG, and Android devices, a very neat and very nice application and works very well. The application is free for a week and then you can buy activation applicationwith 5.49 euros per TV / device.


How to download and Setup SMART IPTV application

  • For the LG TV users can get the application through the official store LG Apps Store 
  •  For Samsung TV users can get the application through the official store Samsung Apps Store you will find it within a category (Video)

  • For Android Device Users You can download the application from Google Play Store or download the APK file for the application from here.

After you install the application on your device, open it and you will show you the interface as in the picture below notice the Mac Address Address Copy because you will need it in the next step

iptv for free


Now enter this link Siptv WebSite here as shown in the picture below can choose two methods to add IPTV

If you have a saved file on your device, you can choose the first option.

If you have a URL connector, you can choose the second option and enter the ADDS MAC address and enter the IPTV URL.

comment configurer gse smart iptv pro


Now click the “Add Link” or Upload by the way you choose and wait a little until the download notification appears: 1URL Added! Restart The App

After that, restart the SMART IPTV application on your device, now everything is ready and you can start watching your favorite iptv channels.This is all that you encounter any problem during the installation of the application and enroll in us in the group.

Download the GSE SMART IPTV application

The application is free and contains some ads, to cancel it must purchase professional version. To download the application must be directed to the Playstor Store for Android GSS  SMART IPTV, or download the iPhone phones from here ios..

Steps to Add IPTV Server Information:

How to Add Surfer Type Information is easy. Third, put the user name, and in the latter put the secret code and press Add.

Of course, as preceded by the application is free and has some ads, to remove them must be acquired professional version.

  • After downloading and installing the application you must go to the Xtream API option.
gse smart iptv
smart iptv free channels codes
  • Enter the Xtream Server information at the bottom and click on the connection.
comment configurer gse smart iptv pro
  • Once the server connects, channels and available VOD files will appear.
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